The Casual and the Connoisseur


This project is for an Urbanwear Fashion brand which sells Portuguese made Casual clothing. It was shot in the north of Portugal with the tireless help from Ramiro Martins, CEO of NewFangle and Lino Sousa, our model. Leica powered the project lending the amazing Leica SL. 

Treinador Jacket

Shot in Penafiel stadium, this video tends to show the viewer, where the jacket got his influences, on football coaches from second divisions in Great Britain. It is also a colaboration between NewGangle and CasualCo®. A special thanks to "LPS" for the permits.

Pinta Camo

Shot in Oporto's Homem do Leme beach, this video tends to show the viewer, where the jacket suits best, near the sea where the brand is also influenced by. 

Pinta Green

This one was shot in "Rua dos Caldeireiros", a famous street in Oporto's downtown near Torre dos Clérigos, the icon of the city. The colours of the textile suit along the old fashioned streets during rush hour.


This shirt is once again influenced by the sea. Gil Eanes was a Portuguese navigator who conquered for the first time the crossing of Cape Bojador, feared by most sailors. It was shot in Oporto's coolest lighthouse, at the end of the famous Douro River during a foggy day to represent Eanes's  dangerous crossing.